img_coffeeSaccharin has been the subject of extensive scientific research and is one of the most studied food ingredients in the food supply.  In fact, saccharin’s safety is supported by 30 human studies, a century of safe use, the approval of the World Health Organization and 100 countries around the world as well as leading health groups.  Bernard Oser, Ph.D., noted toxicologist and former president and director of the Food and Drug Research Laboratories states, “No chemical additive for food has been tested in as many laboratories, for as long a period, in as many species of animals (including man) and in successive generations, and yet has been found to be as innocuous as saccharin.”

The extensive research on saccharin as an artificial sweetener has been reviewed by many international scientists, including a wide range of British, Canadian, German, Swiss, Scandinavian and American researchers, and by health groups interested in low-calorie sweeteners. These reviews have led to significant statements in support of saccharin. Comments include:

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