It’s been a staple at virtually every restaurant and grocery store in the United States, and it’s now available throughout Canada – from grocery stores to restaurant tabletops. Saccharin, the main ingredient in the calorie-free sweetener in the familiar pink packet, recently was cleared by Health Canada as an approved tabletop sweetener.

The lifted restrictions on saccharin now grant consumers unlimited access to the calorie-free sweetener – clearing the way for another option to help control calories and assist in weight and diabetes management. Here are a few reasons this is a significant step for Canada and great news for Canadian consumers.

1. Canadians Have Another a Safe Alternative to Sugar 

The move by Health Canada reaffirms what more than a hundred countries – as well as the World Health Organization – have known for some time: saccharin is safe.

2. Calorie-Counting with Saccharin’s Zero Calories Makes It Easy

Anyone who has dieted knows how easy it is to wreck your calorie count for the day with just a few tablespoons of sugar. Saccharin makes it simple. How many calories in a packet of saccharin? Zero.

Recipe3. Saccharin Opens a World of New Recipes to Canadian Consumers

The availability of saccharin means you can expand your personal list of favorite recipes without dipping into the sugar jar. Saccharin might be new to Canada, but it’s been in international cookbooks for years. Check out this recipe for sugar-free bread pudding as a start, and have fun exploring.

4. Those with Diabetes and Dietary Restrictions Have Another Option To Live the Sweet Life

Saccharin is perfectly safe for those with diabetes. That’s a big deal. One of the most significant benefits of saccharin is that people with dietary restrictions can still indulge in their sweet tooth without compromising their health.

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